Monday, April 2, 2012

23 weeks!

We are now over halfway there... I am so excited! A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to find out the gender, and as most of my family guessed... we are going to have a beautiful baby boy. It has been so amazing to think of all of the wonderful things that Michael and I will be able to teach our little boy. We have decided on the name of Michael Aaron Jr.Here's the little guy: (I think he is so handsome!)

These past weeks have been such an amazing experience for me. Our little guy moves all the time and loves when Michael talks to him. The other morning Michael woke up before me and started rubbing my tummy. Our little guy was so excited he started kicking a lot and woke me up. It was so adorable. I just find so many reasons to love my baby each day. Here are a few pictures my sister took that I just thought were so adorable. 
This is probably my favorite.

I loved that green ribbon!

I had painted my nails earlier that day and Jess thought this would be cute... I agreed!

Without the black over-shirt you can actually see my baby bump!

On a completely separate note, the Jayhawks are in the Championship tonight and I wouldn't be a good Lawrence Residence if I didn't say, GO KU!! :)