Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Update for Chelsea

Well blogging world, I seemed to have let another almost 3 months pass me by. It is nearly midnight now and I am so exhausted. It is amazing how much such a small child can wear you down. Baby Michael has been pretty sick (as the rest of the house has) and it has been a rough few days. It is probably the worst feeling being so helpless when your child is so upset over a stuffy nose.

So starting in December, Michael and I were called to serve as the eleven-year-old scout leaders. It has been pretty fun, but until last week we only had one scout. :( BUT, now we have FOUR!!! I was so excited to have more boys to teach and interact with. This month we are learning about Citizenship. It is actually great since I am taking a Government class this semester and am all freshened up on USA knowledge. Since today was the first of the month we just introduced the flag and talked picked a service project to do for later in the month. For all the boys this will be their FIRST service project. I am so excited to teach them the blessing serving is. They decided that they wanted to spend an hour picking up trash at the park. Although I think this is great, I am sure there attitudes are going to change 10 minutes in when they realize that is a long time just to pick up trash. Still, we told them they could decide and I will stand by that.

Anyways, as something to do while we were talking, I had the boys construct their own American Flags and I wish I had their pictures because they were trying so hard to make them perfect and then they just threw them out when we were picking up. I kept mine, because I worked hard on it! Here is a picture... not too bad I'd say...
So... in other news, we sold our little blue car. It was a great car, but I have been BEGGING Michael for a van or SUV...

After some looking, we finally found an SUV that we liked and BOUGHT IT!!! I was so excited, but apparently not excited enough to take a picture... so you'll have to wait for those in my next post (in four more months probably)

Baby Michael had his 6 month appointment where he got a cool book about Trucks that has turned into a chew toy. I wasn't sure if I should be happy he loved his book so much, or just a little worried that he likes to eat it. He is weighing in about 18lbs which is AWESOME! In other news, he is SO close to crawling and being able to pull himself up to a stand. I caught him twice today pulling himself up. I can hardly believe just how much he is growing. I am so excited for him to reach the milestone of being able to crawl and then walk, but I am DREADING baby-proofing our house.

Alright, I hear a pillow calling my name...

p.s. Chelsea, if you are reading this... I miss you so much and am sorry my life is boring and my crafts are not near as fun to look/read about as yours!!