Monday, January 27, 2014

Michael-isms and the funny things that make us love him!

I have been really wanting to write down all the little things Michael does that makes him so special, so here I am. And now that I'm here writing it, I am sure I'll forget some.

-He is SO clumsy! (He is my child, after all.) You can see in this pictures he is sporting a nice "Joker" cut. How did this happen? He fell into a file cabinet!! Later that day, he fell and slammed his eye into my head and gave himself a black eye! GAH!!

-He is constantly saying "What's this??" It was really cute for the first hour... three weeks later? Are you kidding me... its still super cute (mostly).

-He is a camera CHEESE!! He loves having his picture taken. It could be because I am constantly taking his picture.... But seriously? How cute is he??? He even poses now!

Love his smiley eyes!

-He finds it really funny if you tell him his feet are stinky! In fact, he will stick his feet in your face to get you to do it!

-Somehow he has come to think "fold your arms" means lay down on  your stomach and put your hands above your head. (Like someone praising Allah.) We did not teach him this, but every time we kneel for prayer he lays down and it cracks me up. Sometimes I can't even say the prayer I am laughing so hard! At least he's being reverent! People are gonna start thinkink we're closet Muslims. Were not, by the way! :)

-He loves anything dangerous. (Goes great with how clumsy he is!) Anyways, he has recently discovered the wonders of climbing! In this picture, he has wheeled a wagon over to his tool set and climbed on it... oh my!

-He is NOT a picky eater... I mean, he tried to eat a crayon for Pete's sake and the pigs food (YUCK). He will pretty much eat any thing that looks like food! It has been such a blessing!

-He loves books. He had so many, I bought a bookshelf for them, but he prefers them on the floor for easy access... UGH.... will I ever have a clean house?

-He really loves Bananas! (He calls them Nanas, though.) The other night he wouldn't eat dinner (as I mentioned previously, this was such a strange thing since he loves food). Anyways, later in the evening I had a mommy genius moment. I made him banana-peanut-butter-oatmeal "ice cream." Basically you just blend frozen bananas and toppings into ice cream consistency. It is super sweet and nutritious! YAY!!

Basically he is one crazy wonderful blessing to us. We are loving watching his personality develop and hope that we can teach him all the things he needs to know!