Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in a Nutshell!

I can hardly believe today is the LAST day of 2013! This year we have had so much fun and have grown so much! Here's a look at what the Pouliot's did this year! :)

We got to take a trip to Utah in January to visit friends and family! It was an amazing experience to visit and also enjoy the mountain views, something you just can't get in Kansas.

Baby Michael got to meet Kaiya for the first time! Can you believe they were ever this small??

Aunt Emily

It was so awesome to be reunited with my friends!
Jessyka and I on the long drive!
After being cramped in our tiny car all the way to Utah, we set out to find a more roomy travel vehicle and purchased a 2002 Ford Explorer. For Valentines day, we got new tires put on it! (Romantic, right?) Actually it was a ton of fun because we had to wait for a couple of hour just hanging out together. Also, we took this gem of a picture... which is one of my favorites!

In the Spring, we decided that we wanted to start looking for a house. It took some time and a lot of hassle, but we finally purchased a beautiful house that we have LOVED turning into a home!

Once we moved in, we started on many projects. One, was a quote wall in our living room. It was a crazy task that I underestimated significantly. It took about 2 weeks of work, but we finally finished it! Also, we started finishing the basement. It is still a work in progress, but we are taking it nice and slow!

Here is a picture of the wall. It is only the top half because we didn't want there to be furniture blocking any

What we have finished in the basement.
This summer we had the chance to go to a family reunion at Eleven Mile State Park! I LOVED it there.
Poor kid got sunburnt

Michael with some of his Aunts

On top of the world!
Then it was holiday time! Michael dressed up as Robin Hood for Halloween!

We had a great Thanksgiving, but sadly I did not take any pictures.

Christmas was so great this year! I loved seeing Michael open presents and spending the day with my family!

We are looking forward to what 2014 has to offer! :)