Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our unexpected ultrasound!

Today I had a doctor's appointment... big surprise since I will be having one each week pretty much. Anyways, each visit they listen to the heartbeat and then measure my tummy to make sure the baby is growing right. Well, this time the doctor was just a little concerned since I was measuring as if I were only 31 weeks pregnant when according to the doctor I was 35 weeks. Just to make sure everything was fine they scheduled me for an ultrasound to check the baby's weight and growth. I had to wait an hour before they could squeeze me in so my mom took me out to eat and then we came back. I was starting to get a little nervous, but I wasn't too concerned because I thought a small baby might not be so bad (easy delivery?).

We went back for the ultrasound and the first thing she did was look for a good face shot since we couldn't get one the first ultrasound. As his little head came into focus we could see that he was awake and moving around, but not only that but he was licking his hand over and over again like a little ice cream cone! The screen was pretty big so you could see his tongue come out repeatedly. I could not stop giggling cause I just thought it was the cutest thing ever and I was happy that I was able to relax a little.

She continued to measure different parts of his body to find an approximate weight and check the due date. What we learned was that my little boy is just very good at hiding his big body. He measured in at 5 lbs 15oz. So almost 6 lbs. I could hardly believe it. According to the measurements my due date was only a few days off so they kept it the same which put our little man in the 73rd percentile in weight! HA... they thought he was too small, but he sure showed them.

As we were leaving my mom mentioned how each week during the last few weeks the baby grows half a pound to a pound... I calculated that up... 6lbs + .5lbs(5weeks) = 8.5 lbs OR 6lbs + 1lb(5weeks) = 11 lbs! At that point I had a tiny freak out moment! I do NOT want an 11 lbs baby!! lol Most likely the baby will be big, but not THAT big (I hope).

There was one other piece of info that my mom caught that I didn't. As the numbers for the due dates came up there were two due dates. One was the 25th (only 2 days from what they said), but the other was the 16th!!! The ultrasound tech told me that was probably inaccurate and not to bank on that, but I kept thinking I really hope this baby comes a week early!!