Thursday, May 3, 2012

Date Night!

So after a rough few days of extreme allergies, I finally started feeling better (at least enough to get out of bed)! I was so happy when Michael came home from work because we were in need of some date time since all I have done is sleep for the past few days. When Michael came home we decided to go up to the gas station to rent a redbox and get slushies!

We ended up renting Dream House, which I personally LOVED. I kinda knew the plot, but Michael had no idea about what we were watching.

After we got back from getting our slushies we made dinner. What was for dinner?? Only the best thing EVER... Crepes!!!! It was a little bit of a risk since neither of us had made them before. I also am a terrible pancake flipper, so basically Michael made the crepes and I just admired his amazing cooking skills (and also set up the ingredients to go in the crepes). 

Doesn't he look so handsome?! I think so! :)

Look at that crepe! He is such a stud!

All of our yummy ingredients! 

I wish I would have taken a picture so that you could see them all stuffed and folded, because they were so pretty. But we both were so excited to eat them that I didn't even think about getting a picture.

I would be completely selfish if I didn't express just how grateful I am for all I have been given. I have a wonderful family, a husband who works so hard and is still so helpful around the house. I am so blessed to have a sweet baby boy coming soon! He is getting bigger and bigger each day and I am loving how active he is. He loves listening to music especially if Daddy is singing. I am so happy with life right now and am excited for what the future holds.