Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cute picture ALERT!

Having a blog has taught me something about myself... I am TERRIBLE at blogging. The only time I really blog is when I notice someone else has. I then think, "oh, hey, I have a blog... maybe I should put something up." So here I am, blogging...

This past week the weather here has been AMAZING to say the least. Baby Michael wants to spend the whole day outside... in fact, today he through a huge fit when it was time to come in for lunch! 

I was sitting outside on the computer while Michael played and my neighbor came out and informed me I was missing great photo opportunities. TOUCHE! I went inside and grabbed my camera. 

For your enjoyment:

This little expression cracks me up!

Michael is now 14 months! He seems to be growing bigger and more independent each day. 

Facts about Michael:

-I go to bed each night in my crib (normally without a fuss) as long as I have my stuffed horse to cuddle with.
-I love to play with my popper always, but especially when Mommy is trying to focus.
-Outside is my favorite place to be.
-I am very good at saying bye, momma, daddy, no, and please. (Mommy is proud of that last one, even if it comes out "peas".)
-I can now climb up AND down the stairs.
-I know cows say "moo" and I can moo too if you don't try and video tape it. 
-The new iOS7 operating system is no match for me. I learned in 2 days how to unlock mommy and daddy's phones. 

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  1. Haha! So cute! I totally get the whole thing about babies not doing their cute little thing whenever you try recording it! Michael is getting so And what a gentleman saying "please!"