Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pouliot Pets

Many of you may have seen on Facebook that for Christmas, I got this cutie:

Sadly, she had to go live on my dad's farm. The decision to let her go was a really hard one for me. Ask my husband. I was crying ball of crazy. There were many reasons we couldn't keep her, but the main one is that she just wasn't a good fit for our family. She was not very good with the baby (constantly tackling him and making him cry if he had food in his hands). Also, she was STINKY and DESTRUCTIVE and HATED being inside! She was a pig after all. She now lives on a farm with other animals and I think it is a good fit for her. We can still visit whenever we want, too.

Anyways, I was pretty upset because baby Michael adores animals. He just gravitates towards them and I really wanted him to have a pet. For the most part, though, I was turned off to the idea of a pet after the pig was such a disaster. My husband even more so since he hadn't wanted a pet at all. 

After some thinking and talking, we came to the conclusion that eventually we would get an outside dog (that comes inside sometimes). Well, eventually to me meant start looking on craigslist. I think my husband meant in 10 years. But then a family miracle happened. I found an outside border collie puppy for sale! This was a miracle because it is the ONE pet my husband LOVES! He grew up with a border collie named Ty and knew that it would be a great pet for our family. It didn't take 10 seconds for him to say yes.

So last night we drove to pick up the newest member of our family:

Meet Minnie! She is already a perfect fit for our family. Why?

1. She is super affectionate and gentle to everyone, especially the baby.
2. She is used to being outside, so no need to worry about that. Although she is coming inside these first few days for bonding.
3. My husband LOVES her and she loves him. This is key as the pig and my husband had a very rocky relationship which led to a lot of anger in our home.

Alright, so we got her yesterday and she "slept" in our bed last night. BIG MISTAKE! She didn't sleep at all. It was like we had a new baby. Only this one loved kisses and laying on your head. Even though we are a little sleep deprived, she is still just the cutest thing ever and we are super happy to have a pet in our home.

She is definitely going to make our family happy! :) 

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