Friday, December 30, 2011

Week 10 Update!!

This week Michael and I, along with my mom and sister, got to hear our precious baby's heartbeat. It was such an amazing experience. The night before I was so nervous that they might not be able to hear it and that I would have to wait another month for my next appointment. When we got there my nurse was so nice and so comforting. She explained that sometimes it takes a while to find the baby, because it's heart is so tiny. I kept sitting up from anxiety as she searched and searched. Finally she found the heartbeat, but it was so faint I almost couldn't make it out. Then she moved around and we could hear it loud and clear. I have never been so happy to hear little beats in my whole life. It was amazing to have that confirmation that my little baby was growing.

Most days I am so sick that I can hardly make it from the bed to the bathroom. I've been to the hospital twice now for dehydration due to not being able to keep any fluids down. They started me on Zofram the first time which works great, but now my insurance is saying they won't pay for anymore. Luckily, my doctor got something worked out. The insurance is willing to pay some of the cost, but that still leaves the total cost for six pills at thirty dollars. I am now trying a different medication, but it causes me be so drowsy that I sleep for two hours after taking it. Since I take it every six hours, that's not a lot of awake time. On the bright side, it does help me keep small portions of food and water down.

This last week has been pretty rough, but I wouldn't wish it any other way. I have grown to love this little baby more than I could ever imagine. I find myself constantly thinking about all the wonderful things he or she will be able to do. That love keeps me going on hard days. I can't imagine anything being more worth it than this little baby. 

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